Free interactive MCQ picture quiz for medical students

Try our picture quiz

At Medical Educator we are always looking to push the boundaries of what we can do on the web to further medical student e-learning in preparation for medical student finals.

We’re pretty excited about the potential our new technology (in collaboration with the kind folks at iSpring) has to offer medical students an even richer learning experience.

Have a go at our free interactive MCQ picture quiz above to get a feel of the kind of things we will be producing in future – that’s ontop of our established base of over 1000 MCQs for medical students, practical video guides for medical finals, podcasts, and one-minute revision downloads!

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  1. i am a foreign medical graduate ,who prepare hte ECMC exams ,so you can send me a multiple choise question to help me .thanks

  2. I’m not so sure about the comments above but its a nice demonstration of technology, and it looks to work well… You could run OSCE stations like this too if you tired rather than sticking to EMQs and MCQs.
    Nice to have an option to do short answer questions, except I spelt neisseria wrong!

  3. This is pharmacist and looking for medical test preparation in Dubai. kindly send me MCQs so that i will check my preparation and recal my memory.

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