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Mobile phones in hospitals? That will be the MRSA….

The students today should be ever more vigilant about their mobile phones… Although we’ve polled you to find that you want to use them more for revision purposes, it seems that great exam performance isn’t all that they’re bringing. As the Department of Health in the UK made waves today announcing encouraging news that patients [...]

Mobile Medical Revision is Here in >90 Countries? And its only 2009…

Looking at the early stats from our poll, it seems that today’s current media savvy medical students want more mobile revision material to prepare themselves for what are crucial exams in a world reeling from the credit crunch. So far all of our users polled have supported the need for mobile friendly web material: that’s [...]

Revision on the Move from your Mobile Phone/ Iphone/ Blackberry/PDA?

Finally you can have access to a site that will allow you to revise on the move: Do you have a web enabled mobile phone? If so then you can use it to revise when you’re on the move. Do our our questions, videos and PDF guides from your mobile phone. It couldn’t be easier. [...]