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Medical Educator Interviews: Joel Adler, an American medical student on training in the US healthcare system

Thanks for talking to us Joel. We came across you via the social networking site Twitter. As a UK based doctor, its always nice to chat to students from across the pond. Tell us a bit about yourself and your medical training. First of all, thanks for asking me to do this.  Born and raised [...]

5 reasons why you can have an international site for medical revision

Is it possible to have an international site for medical revision? There is a diverse range of assessment methods in place in today’s medical marketplace, ranging from the familiar MCQ exam, to the OSCE format that may not be so familiar to some medical students in the US or in other parts of Western Europe [...]

Politicisation of Healthcare:Medical student training may become the 8th point?

Nice to read what’s going on at the Whitehouse after President Barack Obama was sworn in earlier today: they have some sensible thoughts about helthcare in the US the complete transcript of which you can read here. The 7 key reforms listed on the site are as follows: “Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions [...]