Medical Students approaching finals exams with new technology at their fingertips

The following weeks will represent the culmination of years of hard work by medical students over the past 1-5 years. Revision patterns have been changing and increasingly medical students are approaching final examinations preparing for them using web based MCQ, OSCE and video guides. For the first time, resources like podcasts and the like have […]


Got a story? What’s your postcode? And do you have anything to say about the Pope?

There are numerous standards which local hospitals in the United Kingdom have to adhere to, for example to perform well in the “Annual Health  Check”, run by the Healthcare Commission. This sets the standards for the hospital practice across a number of domains. What about the trainees in these hospitals? Whilst Medical Educator has little […]


Podcast: Renal function and Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR)

Today we look at renal function as requested on a blood test and the eGFR, which is now in vogue for measurement of a patient’s baseline renal function. [display_podcast] The NSF recommends that kidney function should be assessed and monitored using an eGFR, rather than serum creatinine concentration alone, in people identified as having an […]