Answer to question of the day – atrial fibrillation

The answer is….. b. Warfarin

Based on NICE Guidance 36 (AF) and the CHADS 2 scoring system.

The CHADS2 score is an excellent aide memoir to anticoagulation in AF. It is based on:

CHADS2 Stands for Score
C Congestive heart failure 1point
H hypertension 1point
A Age>75 1point
D Diabetes Mellitus 1point
S2 Previous stroke/ TIA 2 points


  • 2 or over=Warfarin
  • 1= Warfarin or aspirin
  • 0=aspirin

This means our chap here will score:

  • 1 for being >75
  • 1 for being hypertensive

This means he should be treated with warfarin (assuming he has no contraindications)

A link to the original publication citation in circulation is available here. (link will open in a new window)

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