Case of the Week: Transient Neurological Symptoms

A 32 year old female presents with an expressive dysphasia to her GP. Her GP initially thinks it could be migraine as she recalls a mild headache. However, he explains to the patient that she needs to be seen in the hospital for a check up.

She has no visual symptoms, motor symptoms or other neurological symptoms or signs.

By the time she arrives in the Emergency department, her symptoms have entirely resolved.


Temp 36 o Celsius

BP 112/78

Sats 99% Air

GCS 15/15

Fingerprick Blood glucose 3.9mmol/l

On examination she has an entirely normal neurological examination. The rest of the general examination is unremarkable other than a soft systolic murmur.

Is there anything else to be done, or should she simply see her GP for a follow up and consideration of a referral to a headache clinic? If there is something to be done, what is it and why?

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