Jobs for the boys

Its clear that training schemes throughout the UK are oversubscribed with trainees where there are potentially not enough jobs.As the competition increases the need for ways to discriminate between the candidates becomes ever more important

The FY1 entry scheme is fixated on a scoring system in an attempt to homogenise all medical school graduates. But is this fair?

But what of a standard exam nationwide set for medical students? Is it on its way? You can be sure of a few things..

  1. There is a lot of money to be made from setting the questions…
  2. The potential for fraud increased exponentially as the stakes are raised
  3. Who will do what with the results. The worst performing medical school?
  4. The possibility of a medical school being in a position where a large proportion of students fail

Surely though its the only way to make the MTAS application process objective, and we here at medicaleducator broadly endorse a nationwide exam for medical students.

It seems like its still many miles away yet…

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