Medical Careers

As one of the team I was pleased to be invited to speak at the West Midlands Deanery/ BMA Careers Fair held at the Birmingham ThinkTank on Friday10th-11th October.

Present included representation from the BMA, a variety of careers advice services, a number of Locum agencies, and some (not free!) coffee.

The event was generally a success in promoting core medical training in the region. I spoke to a number of Year 3/4/5 medical students mainly from

  • Birmingham University
  • Imperial
  • Southampton
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Nottingham

My personal impression is that the primary concern of these students is their concerns regarding the whole Modernising Medical Careers shake-up. Having said that it was largely a positive experience for most trainees.

The speciality event in the evening was attended by a number of our former teachers: medical consultants David Rea, Clinical Oncologist at University Hospital Birmingham and Dr David Nicholl (in these modern times see the entry written about him on Wikipedia ) , both having done an excellent job at training their students!

Other than the free pens, its good to see the deanery paying some attention to the Junior doctors. However I wonder if those attending/ wished to attend had any comments on the day specifically in regard to

  • How the BMA / Deaneries should be focussing their resources dealing with the real concerns affecting trainees?
  • As students what are your primary job concerns?

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