Medical Schools Reliance on Simulator Based Training: Experiences and any Questions or Tips

Medical Schools are increasingly relying on simulator based training. Several univerities across the UK and several of the training Colleges for postgraduate education are becoming involved in the field.

But what do you think of it as students? These models are often costly, locked away and the actual face to face training you get with them is minimal. Is may be a good use of time and resources to train you, but do you feel it is effective in the institution you work in.

Also from an exam perspective:

  • Do any medical students have any simulator topics they would like to be covered specifically in an exam situation (e.g. approach to pulmonary embolism)
  • Have any students faced these simulators in an exam (excluding ALS stations)? As far as I’m aware although they’re used in an interview setting its not clear that they are ready yet to be rolled out across the whole curriculum

We’d be interested to hear comments and tips from students from the UK and also abroad

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