Medical Students approaching finals exams with new technology at their fingertips

The overall average score of medical students on MedicalEducator.

The following weeks will represent the culmination of years of hard work by medical students over the past 1-5 years. Revision patterns have been changing and increasingly medical students are approaching final examinations preparing for them using web based MCQ, OSCE and video guides. For the first time, resources like podcasts and the like have taken a firm footing in the medical students preparation for final examinations.

One technique of sitting mock written papers has long been popular. Short answer questions, EMQ and MCQ format questions help people to prepare.

To quote one of our contributors:

I always felt more comfortable preparing for any exam, and I mean any, by running through exactly what I should know, first from a theoretical perspective, then from a practical perspective. If that meant filling in multiple choice questions, I got a book on multiple choice questions. It was what it was.

Maybe you’d like the opportunity to measure yourself against other medical students across the UK or

The average mark in one of our mock final examinations, which was added to the site in April 09.

across the world. A good example of this is our *(tough) mock medical finals paper. This is designed for students sitting year 1, year 2, year 3 year 4 or final examinations, which have a clinical component.

The average for this exam is 49.6%. Tough. But will it help you learn? A comment from a subscriber:

You keep doing questions where a principle that you didn’t understand is explained in the answer. Thats the value of them.

Overall this is a stressful time for medical students, on behalf of the Medical Educator team, good luck in those examinations.

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