Personalising Medicine

So Warwick played host to the International Symposium on the Personalisation of medicines last week.

So what’s it all about: From the genome to the clinic: how individual genotypes can influence  what drugs we give somebody? All I can think of is that

1.) I’m not so sure that the drug companies will be particularly happy if someone produces a test that tells you there’s no point in giving 30% of the population ACE inhibitors

2.) Some drugs may have proven efficacy if you only could select the correct group of patients…As long as along the way you don’t mistakenly label them as having the “fat” gene.

I’m not sure there is a single piece of evidence to date that informs us through an R.C.T. that one treatment is better in an individual than another for a specific condition, based on their “genetic make-up”.

Apart from that  some things like H.R.T. work better in women than men…

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