We’re now accepting contributions from students!

Here at Medical Educator we beleive in the power of sharing and communities. The web has made this much easier – now people in your community may not just be those people around you, but also people spread across the globe online!

Our community at Medical Educator is quite specific – its a student exam revision community. When you think about it, passing on tips and nuggets between friends and peers has always been a great way of learning, especially when you are revising and under pressure.

Thats why we have opened up our collaboration course, for knowledge sharing.

We believe student to student knowledge sharing is a great extra to have ontop of the professional content, and will help make Medical Educator an even better resource!

If you do want to take part its great for you also, as any work that is used on the site will be credited to your name – that’s published work to go on your CV!

We are mainly looking for multiple choice questions but are also happy for guides and tips that you think will help your fellow students. Obviously plagiarism is not allowed!

The collaboration course is free to join… take a look here to see what it is all about.

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