ABG – 3

Clinical Chemistry

A 22 year old man presents to A&E after failing his driving test.

He feels non specifically unwell. An ABG is taken.

Pa CO22.54.7-6
Base excess-7+/- 2

What is the most likely diagnosis?

  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Metabolic Alkalosis
  • Respiratory Acidosis
  • Respiratory Alkalosis
  • Compensated respiratory acidosis
  • Compensated metabolic acidosis
  • Partially compensated respiratory acidosis
  • Partially compensated metabolic acidosis

Compensated metabolic acidosis.

The PH is normal. So it is not an acidosis, an alkalosis or a partially compensated problem. So its either: a compensated problem, a mixed respiratory acidosis and metabolic alkalosis (2 separate disease processes) or a nomal ABG!

Whats the CO2? Low: its therefore respiratory compensation

Whats the HCO3? Low: Implying an metabolic acidosis

Diagnosis? Compensated metabolic acidosis.