Guidelines and Resources

Guidelines and Resources

Evidence Based Medicine and Downloadable Guidelines

Athens: For all your lovely searches but with no log-in try Pub Med

Bandoleir: Evidence based health care reviews. Very good.

Cochrane Collaboration: More evidence based reviews

NICE: Check the latest guidelines.. essential to any PowerPoint presentation

PubMed: Free and easy searching

SIGN: Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

The Centre for Reviews and Dissemination: Systematic evidence based reviews

Societies And Their Guidelines

AAN: American Academy of Neurology guidelines

AACE: American association of Clinical Endocrinologists with guidelines here

BAD: British association of dermatologists with guidelines here

BOA: British Association of Orthopaedics with guidelines here

British Society of Immunology

BSR: British Society of Rheumatology, clinical guidelines here

British Toxicological Society

BTS: British Thoracic Society, clinical guidelines here

EAU: European Association of Urology guidelines here

ESC European Society of Cardiology: nice source for cardiovascular guidelines list here

Fitness to Drive: British Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) downloadable PDF ‘at a glance’ guide on fitness to drive

RCOG Royal College of obstetrics and gynaecology guidelines here

The Renal Association. source for chronic kidney disease and eGFR guidelines here


MMC: They have such pretty videos but there’s some important stuff here

The Foundation Programme: Useful resource especially for writing those personal statements

BMA The British medical association

GMC: Useful free publications for review

BNF: online prescribing (login using an Athens password)

CDC Atlanta: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

WHO: Again useful source of references

NIH: The National Institute of Health (US)

Some Royal Colleges




General Practitioners

Obstetrics and Gynaecology with guidelines here

Some of the medical journals we’re currently reading….



The Lancet



New Scientist


Annals of Internal Medicine



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