One minute revision

Downloadable mini-books for medical student revision

For a distilled view of the key facts, our revision mini-books are a must. Providing clarity and authority, these guides have been written with the aim of helping you remember the key facts you need for your medical student exams.

Each mini-book is fully downloadable and printable, enabling you to select the key areas you need, print, and carry them with you. Think of them as “cheat sheets” that will help you keep a focus on the facts that matter.

Free one minute medical revision guides

View some free mini-book samples

Download some free PDF samples to see the quality of content that you get if you register:

Mini-book: The respiratory exam
Mini-book: Arterial blood gases
Mini-book: Study designs (Epidemology)
Mini-book: Vaccines
Mini-book: Thyroid Investigations

Covering most medical revision topics

Our 24 unique revision guides cover all of these topics and more:

  • One minute guide to the Clinical Exam – Essential General Tips
  • One minute guide to the Respiratory Exam
  • One minute guide to Presenting Findings
  • One minute guide to the GALS Exam
  • One minute Musculoskeletal X-ray Guide
  • One minute guide to Cardiology
  • One minute Aortic and Mitral Stenosis guide
  • One minute Aortic And Mitral Regurgitation guide
  • One minute guide to Cardiology
  • One minute guide to ABG interpretation
  • One minute guide to Prescribing Errors
  • One minute guide to writing up Stat Drugs/ PRN Medicines
  • One minute prescribing guide to Respiratory
  • One minute prescribing Essentials: Ischaemic Heart Disease
  • One minute prescribing Essentials: Anaphylaxis
  • One Minute prescribing Guide to Heart Failure
  • One minute guide to describing a skin rash and some common rashes
  • One Minute guide to Gastroenterology Examination
  • One Minute guide to the Renal Patient
  • One Minute guide to the Neurological Examination
  • One Minute guide to the ASIA Classification of Spinal Injury
  • One minute guide to the Neurological Cranial Nerve Examination
  • One minute guide to GCS and AMT

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