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Practical video guides to optimise your performance in medical student finals

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a video can do to help your learning! Our unique video guides can help bring your study to life by showing you what to do and how to do it right. The guides are not from a university lecturer debating theory, they’re written purely to help optimise your exam performance.

Watch an sample video guide on respiratory examination technique:

Perfect your practical technique for the exam

I’m a mature student and have been shocked at the lack of video teaching available generally both in medical school and on the net. I subscribed for the video content and what you have is superb.

With physical examinations, our team of doctors know that there is a subtle difference between ‘doing it’ (and – just passing your exam or OSCE) and ‘doing it well’ (and – passing your exam or OSCE with distinction). Let us show you this in our videos.

  • Maximise your time finding out what you don’t know
    What may take a few pages to read and a few hours to digest can be covered off in minutes via voice and video. For very little effort, these practical videos may make all the difference in a medical exam.
  • Revision on both clinical examinations and practical procedures.
    From cardiovascular examination, to cranial nerves, to blood pressure and using a vascular doppler probe, we show you how to do it well. Think taking a blood pressure is simple? It is if you know how!
  • Do you want to watch an F2 in orthopaedics teach you the Cardiovascular Examination?
    Our answer is no: Not all video examination guides are the same. Our videos are recorded predominantly by an SPR who scored the 2nd highest mark recorded in the contemporary MRCP at the first attempt. Use our expertise to improve your performance.
  • Videos covering the key topics you need to pass
    Our video guides cover a practical range of learning topics required for the OSCE medical student exam.

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