Medical Educator is an independent website that provides online learning for medical students.

It combines e-learning techniques and educational materials into a single online resource for medical students studying clinical medicine in the UK and abroad.

“We are the leading UK site to do what we do for medical students”

Students can browse questions from over 18 different specialities to assist them in their education and learning needs. We provide feedback for them, with options of reviewing performance, and discussing questions amongst themselves and experts.

What we offer

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Extended Matching Questions
  • Blogs
  • Downloadable PDF examination Guides
  • Picture Based/Radiology teaching
  • User Generated Content

…across the major medical specialities, and exclusively for medical students.

Our belief

Historically, medical and care professions have been slow to adopt the internet. Red tape, outdated views and masses of documents and overhead projectors have stood in the way of progress.

But now the landscape has changed. Online communities are creating very specific conversation and connections for medical students.

Medical Educator believes online learning can provide a real support to the way medicine is taught and learned, and is positioned at the forefront of that movement.

We are simply focussed on you, getting the most out of your medical finals.