Medical student MCQ’s to help you pass your medical finals

Our medical student questions written in MCQ (multiple choice question) format have been written and approved by SPRs and Consultants working across a wide range of specialities. They have already successfully passed the OSCE medical student exam.

All the questions cover a specific clinical topic and are tailored to addressing practical revision points that you may be expected to cover in medical exams or an OSCE situation.

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Medical Students Revising

MCQs just like in the exam finals

Learn from your mistakes. Learn as you go. Pick out the key concepts and revision points that will help you to pass your OSCE and medical finals.

“I’m amazed. I couldn’t even come up with a reasonable suggestion as you included a broad range of questions across several topics. The design is simple, and best of all it’s free!”
  • Selective learning
    Simply choose a medical question set from your chosen topic (e.g. cardiology) and revise there and then. There’s no need to print them off or post them out for feedback, and you can get the answers in real time. The medical tests are all designed for students under a range of topics.
  • Direct feedback with contextual explanations and revision notes
    Take the medical quiz in real time. For the answer, detailed information is given explaining why the answer was correct in the context – to further your learning.
  • Written by experts in the field
    Our team of SPRs write and edit our medical questions. They are all written specifically for medical students, each one being targeted at your exam performance.
  • Cover key topics you will need to understand to pass
    Our medical student question sets cover the key range of learning topics required for medical student exams.
  • Written exclusively for all medical students
    Our medical questions are written for medical students. Our question bank will help to teach pre clinical and clinical students to revise and prepare for medical exams from year 1 to year 5. They are NOT adapted questions that were originally designed for other purposes.

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