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Medicine revision for medical students

If you’re a medical student you will already know the pressures on yourself to do well and succeed in your field.

One of the difficulties in preparing for medical exams is the there’s a very fine line between honours, a good pass, and a borderline fail.

Your personal challenge is in achieving the grades required for high performance and putting yourself ahead of your peers.

Medical revision help for your medical student exams

Medical Educator is a dedicated site for medicine revision. We just focus on medical students. Every question here is written for medical students. We don’t do the MRCP. We don’t do the MRCGP. We simply focus on you, passing your medical student exam.

As people who have already successfully passed the undergraduate and postgraduate medical student exams we understand what medical revision is needed to pass your medical student exams. Used as a tool to support your traditional revision, this site will help your chances of passing and give you a more rounded understanding of the items required to pass your OSCE medical student exam finals.


I am a 4th year at Nottingham university, used your site for medicine revision. I thought it was great, very very useful for the modern day medical student!

Elena Miles


Broaden Your Learning

If you broaden your learning approaches, more information sticks – which is critical in the high-pressure situation of your OSCE medical student exam.

Interactive questions (MCQs/EMQs) dedicated to your Clinical Exams and Finals
Over 1000 free questions written exclusively for medical students. Exclusive to Medical Educator, you will not find these questions anywhere else. Questions are supported with ECG’s, X-rays, and clinical pictures, covering 20 topics ranging from Psychiatry to Clinical Immunology.

Examination Guides from experienced tutors
These clinical examination videos are specifically teaching exam technique to maximise your performance in OSCE and other clinical examinations. Teaching you the techniques to get the best marks in your medical student exams. Our guides are written and presented a Specialist Registrar who scored the 2nd highest mark recorded in the history of the contemporary MRCP Clinical Examination.

The only student medicine revision site to provide:

  • Dedicated revision content solely for medical students
  • Interactive MCQ exam questions written exclusively by SPR grades and above
  • Completely free resources
  • All content is exclusive to Medical Educator. You will not find this information anywhere else!
  • No need to register, just access the question bank and start revising!
Medicine Revision Student

Trusted by Thousands of Medical Students

Harry Breedon

“Loads of free questions and really easy to use on the go. A great resource for any medical student!”


“The MCQ modules are just what I needed to give me confidence in entering my final year exams.”


“The OSCE stations I found really useful, they gave me an idea of what to expect and the kind of questions I will get.”


Medicine revision helps your chances of passing

  1. Improved Retention: Regularly doing medical revision enhances memory retention, making it easier to recall critical information during exams and clinical practice.
  2. Better Understanding: Revising medical topics helps reinforce your understanding of complex concepts, leading to a deeper comprehension of the subject matter.
  3. Identification of Knowledge Gaps: Medicine revision helps identify areas where you may have knowledge gaps, allowing you to focus on and address these weaknesses.
  4. Confidence Building: As your knowledge becomes more solidified through medical revision, your confidence in your medical abilities and knowledge grows, reducing anxiety.
  5. Application of Knowledge: Medicine revision allows you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, which is crucial for developing clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  6. Exam Preparation: Thorough medical revision is essential for exam preparation, ensuring a successful academic journey.
  7. Time Management: Creating a structured medical revision plan helps you organize your study schedule and manage your time effectively, improving productivity.
  8. Long-Term Learning: Building a strong foundation of medical knowledge through revision promotes long-term learning, essential in the ever-evolving field of medicine.
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