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Astrakhan State Medical University

Astrakhan State Medical University, located in the vibrant city of Astrakhan, Russia, is a leading institution for medical education and research. Founded in 1918, the university has a rich history of providing high-quality medical training to students from around the world. Astrakhan State Medical University is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

One of the key strengths of Astrakhan State Medical University is its faculty. The university boasts a team of highly qualified professors and researchers who are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and up-to-date education in the field of medicine. The faculty members at Astrakhan State Medical University are actively involved in cutting-edge research in various medical specialties, further enhancing the academic experience for students.

Astrakhan State Medical University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in basic medical sciences, clinical skills, and patient care. Students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience through clinical rotations at renowned hospitals and healthcare facilities in Astrakhan and beyond. Additionally, the university provides opportunities for students to engage in research projects and participate in conferences and seminars to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

In addition to its academic programs, Astrakhan State Medical University is actively involved in community outreach and public health initiatives. The university collaborates with local healthcare organizations and government agencies to address health disparities and promote wellness in the region. Students have the opportunity to participate in these initiatives and gain valuable experience in working with diverse populations and addressing public health challenges.

Overall, Astrakhan State Medical University is a premier institution for medical education, known for its rigorous academic programs, experienced faculty, and commitment to excellence in healthcare. Whether students are aspiring physicians, dentists, pharmacists, or nurses, they can expect to receive a top-notch education and be well-prepared for successful careers in the health sciences upon graduation from Astrakhan State Medical University.

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Bakinskaja St. 121, 414000 Astrakhan, Russian Federation


School Details

School Type
Year Opened
Currently operational
Alternate Name
Astrahanskaja Gosudarstennaja Medicinskaja Akademija Astrakhan State Medical Academy (1995 - 2014) Astrakhan State Medical Institute (1922 - 1995)

Course Details

Course Title
Year Teaching Began
6 years
Language of Teaching
Russian, English
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Foreign Students
Foreign students are admitted
Both men and women are admitted