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Ataturk Universitesi Tip Fakultesi

Ataturk University Medical Faculty, located in the city of Erzurum in Turkey, is one of the leading medical institutions in the country. It was founded in 1957 by Mehmet Bulent Bayraktar, who was a prominent figure in Turkish medicine. The faculty has a long history of excellence in medical education and research, and it has produced many skilled healthcare professionals who serve both locally and internationally.

The Medical Faculty offers undergraduate education in various areas of medicine, including basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and psychiatry. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for successful careers in the healthcare field. The faculty also offers postgraduate programs for those seeking further specialization in their chosen field of study.

Ataturk University Medical Faculty is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories, lecture halls, libraries, and simulation centers. The faculty also has strong partnerships with hospitals and healthcare institutions in the region, providing students with valuable hands-on training and clinical experience. Additionally, the faculty actively collaborates with international universities and research institutions, giving students opportunities to participate in global healthcare initiatives and research projects.

The faculty is home to a diverse and talented faculty who are experts in their respective fields. They are dedicated to providing students with high-quality education and mentorship, guiding them through every step of their academic journey. The faculty's commitment to excellence in teaching and research has earned it a strong reputation both domestically and internationally.

In addition to academic pursuits, Ataturk University Medical Faculty prioritizes community engagement and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to participate in various community outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and health campaigns to serve the local population and address healthcare disparities. The faculty is deeply rooted in its commitment to social justice and public health, instilling in students the importance of compassionate care and ethical medical practice.

Overall, Ataturk University Medical Faculty is a distinguished institution that offers top-notch medical education and training to future healthcare professionals. With its strong emphasis on academic excellence, research, and community service, the faculty continues to make a significant impact on the healthcare landscape in Turkey and beyond.

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Erzurum 25240, Turkey


School Details

School Type
Year Opened
Currently operational
Clinical Facilities
The school has access to clinical teaching facilities.

Course Details

Course Title
Tip Doktoru
Year Teaching Began
6 years
Language of Teaching
Turkish, English
Prerequisite Education
Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Foreign Students
Foreign students are admitted
Both men and women are admitted