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Escola de Medicina Souza Marques (EMSM), Fundacao Tecnico Educacao Souza Marques

The Escola de Medicina Souza Marques (EMSM), Fundacao Tecnico Educacao Souza Marques, also known simply as EMSM, is a prestigious medical school located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Leonidas (Leo) C. Riberio, it has established itself as a leader in medical education in the country. The university is committed to providing high-quality medical education to its students, leading to the development of competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

One of the distinctive features of EMSM is its innovative curriculum that integrates theory with practical experience from the very beginning. Students have the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals and healthcare institutions, allowing them to gain valuable hands-on experience and develop their clinical skills under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals.

The faculty at EMSM is comprised of renowned experts and academics in the field of medicine, who are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. They provide personalized attention to students, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance needed to succeed in their studies. The university also offers various research opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine or conducting cutting-edge research in their field of interest.

In addition to its emphasis on academic excellence, EMSM is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within its student body and faculty. The university values the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each student brings to the table, creating a rich learning environment that fosters collaboration and mutual respect.

Moreover, EMSM is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support the learning and growth of its students. From modern laboratories to simulation centers, students have access to the tools and equipment needed to excel in their studies and training.

Overall, Escola de Medicina Souza Marques (EMSM) is a top-tier medical school that is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and practical medical education to its students. With its commitment to excellence, diversity, and innovation, EMSM is poised to continue shaping the future of healthcare in Brazil and beyond.

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Avenida Ernani Cardoso 345, Cascadura, Rio de Janeiro CEP 21310-310, Brazil


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Currently operational

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6 years
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Admission follows completion of secondary education.