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J.S.S. Medical College

J.S.S. Medical College, located in Mysore, India, is a renowned institution dedicated to the education and training of future healthcare professionals. Established in 1984, the college is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the Medical Council of India. The college offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs, including MBBS, MD, MS, and diploma courses in various specialties.

With a strong emphasis on hands-on training and clinical experience, J.S.S. Medical College provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent and compassionate healthcare providers. The college has well-equipped laboratories, simulation centers, and a fully functional hospital where students can gain practical experience under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

In addition to academic excellence, J.S.S. Medical College is also committed to research and innovation in the field of medicine. The college has a dedicated research center where faculty and students can engage in cutting-edge research projects aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and advancing medical knowledge. The college also regularly organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote collaboration among healthcare professionals.

J.S.S. Medical College is not only known for its academic and research achievements but also for its focus on community service and outreach programs. The college actively participates in various health camps, public health initiatives, and awareness campaigns to address the healthcare needs of underserved communities and promote health education and prevention.

Overall, J.S.S. Medical College is a prestigious institution that has earned a reputation for producing skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who are dedicated to serving the community. With its rigorous academic curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to research and service, J.S.S. Medical College continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in medical education and training.

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School Details

School Type
Year Opened
Currently operational
Alternate Name
Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Medical College
Academic Affiliations
J.S.S. Academy of Higher Education & Research (formerly J.S.S. University) (Current) Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Karnataka (Former) University of Mysore (Former)

Course Details

Course Title
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.)
Year Teaching Began
4.5 years
Prerequisite Education
Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Foreign Students
Foreign students are admitted