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Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine

Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine is a prestigious institution located in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Established in 1972, the university has a strong commitment to providing high-quality medical education and research in order to improve healthcare in the region and beyond.

The university's Faculty of Medicine offers a comprehensive range of programs for aspiring healthcare professionals, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in medicine, nursing, public health, pharmacy, and biomedical sciences. The curriculum is designed to be rigorous and hands-on, with a focus on practical skills, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making. Students have the opportunity to work alongside experienced faculty members in state-of-the-art facilities and clinical settings, gaining valuable real-world experience that will prepare them for successful careers in the healthcare field.

Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine is known for its cutting-edge research in areas such as infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular health, and public health policy. Faculty members are actively engaged in research projects that aim to address the pressing healthcare challenges facing Thailand and the global community. Students have the opportunity to participate in research initiatives, gaining valuable skills in data analysis, research methodology, and scientific communication.

In addition to its academic and research programs, Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine is committed to serving the local community through outreach initiatives and partnerships with healthcare organizations. The university operates clinics and hospitals that provide care to underserved populations, while also collaborating with government agencies and NGOs on public health campaigns. Students have the opportunity to participate in these initiatives, gaining hands-on experience in community service and health promotion.

Overall, Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine is a dynamic and innovative institution that is shaping the future of healthcare in Thailand and beyond. With its strong emphasis on education, research, and service, the university is preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals to meet the evolving needs of society and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of people around the world.

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123 Mitraparp Highway, Muang District Kohn Kaen 40002, Thailand


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Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
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6 years
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Foreign students are admitted