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Kitasato University School of Medicine

Kitasato University School of Medicine is a prestigious institution located in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1976, the school is part of Kitasato University, which has a long history of excellence in medical education and research. Kitasato University School of Medicine is renowned for its innovative approach to medical education, commitment to evidence-based practice, and cutting-edge research in various fields of medicine.

One of the key features of Kitasato University School of Medicine is its strong emphasis on hands-on clinical training. Students are provided with ample opportunities to gain practical experience in hospitals and clinics affiliated with the university. This approach ensures that students are well-prepared for their future careers as medical professionals. The school also offers a wide range of clinical electives, allowing students to explore different specialties and gain knowledge and skills in areas of interest.

In addition to clinical training, Kitasato University School of Medicine is known for its robust research programs. The school has a number of research centers dedicated to various fields of medicine, including oncology, infectious diseases, and public health. Faculty members at the school are actively engaged in research projects, collaborating with international partners and publishing their findings in top-tier journals.

Kitasato University School of Medicine is committed to providing a holistic education that encompasses not only medical knowledge and skills but also ethics, empathy, and cultural competence. The school believes that these qualities are essential for developing compassionate and ethical healthcare professionals who can effectively address the diverse needs of patients in today's complex healthcare system.

Overall, Kitasato University School of Medicine is a leading institution in medical education and research in Japan. Its commitment to excellence, innovative approach to learning, and dedication to advancing the field of medicine make it a top choice for aspiring medical professionals seeking a high-quality education and training experience.

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1-15-1 Kitasato, Minami, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 252-0374, Japan


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Currently operational

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Course Title
Gakushi (Igaku)
Year Teaching Began
6 years
Language of Teaching
Prerequisite Education
Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Foreign Students
Foreign students are admitted
Both men and women are admitted