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UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales, Universite Clermont-Auvergne

The UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales, part of the Universite Clermont-Auvergne located in France, is a prestigious and renowned institution for those pursuing careers in the healthcare field. With a rich history dating back to its founding, this university offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for students interested in medicine and the paramedical professions.

One of the distinguishing features of the UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales is its commitment to providing a comprehensive and rigorous education to its students. The faculty and staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best possible training and preparation for their future careers. The curriculum is designed to be challenging and engaging, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice and practical skills development.

In addition to its academic offerings, the UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales also provides students with a variety of resources and support services. This includes access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as opportunities for clinical experience and research collaborations. The university has partnerships with numerous healthcare institutions and organizations, allowing students to gain real-world experience and make valuable connections in the field.

Furthermore, the UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the university community. Students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures come together to learn and grow together, fostering a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. The university also offers support services for international students, helping them adjust to life in a new country and succeed in their academic pursuits.

Overall, the UFR de Medecine et Professions Paramedicales at the Universite Clermont-Auvergne is a leading institution for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine or the paramedical professions. With its strong academic programs, cutting-edge facilities, and commitment to student success, this university provides a solid foundation for future healthcare professionals to excel in their chosen fields.

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28 Place Henri Dunant, BP 38, F-63001 Clermont-Ferrand, France


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Currently operational
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Faculte de Medecine de Clermont-Ferrand, Universite d"Auvergne (1976 - 2016)

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6 years
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