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Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Tijuana Facultad de Medicina y Psicologia

The Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Tijuana Facultad de Medicina y Psicologia, located in the vibrant city of Tijuana, Mexico, is a prestigious educational institution known for its high-quality medical and psychology programs. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and research, the university offers students a comprehensive and rigorous education that prepares them for successful careers in their chosen fields.

The Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Tijuana is recognized for its innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced faculty members. Students have access to hands-on training in hospitals and clinics, allowing them to gain practical experience and develop clinical skills from the very beginning of their studies. The medical program covers a wide range of subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and more, providing students with a solid foundation in healthcare.

In addition to the Faculty of Medicine, the university also has a strong department in Psychology, which offers a comprehensive and diverse program that covers a wide range of topics within the field. Students have the opportunity to learn about various psychological theories, research methods, and applications in real-world settings, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of human behavior and mental processes. The program also emphasizes hands-on experience through internships and practical training, giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in clinical and counseling settings.

One of the key strengths of Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Tijuana is its dedication to research and innovation. Faculty members at the university are actively involved in cutting-edge research in various areas of medicine and psychology, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Students have the opportunity to participate in research projects and collaborate with faculty members, gaining valuable research skills and knowledge that can benefit them in their future careers.

Overall, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Tijuana Facultad de Medicina y Psicologia is a top-tier educational institution that offers students a world-class education in medicine and psychology. With its emphasis on academic excellence, research, and practical training, the university equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen professions. Graduates of the university go on to make significant contributions to healthcare, psychology, and research, both locally and globally.

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Calzada Universidad No 14418, Edifico 1-A, Parque Industrial Internacional Tijuana, Mesa de Otay CP 22390, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


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School Type
Year Opened
Currently operational

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Course Title
Year Teaching Began
6 years
Language of Teaching
Spanish; Castilian
Prerequisite Education
Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Both men and women are admitted