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Voronezh State Medical University Named after N. N. Burdenko

Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko, located in Voronezh, Russia, is a prestigious institution that has a long history of providing high-quality medical education. The university was established in 1930 and was originally known as the Voronezh Medical Institute. In 1954, it was renamed in honor of the famous Russian neurosurgeon Nikolay Burdenko, who made significant contributions to the field of medicine.

Voronezh State Medical University is known for its strong academic programs, research opportunities, and state-of-the-art facilities. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other health-related disciplines. Students at the university have access to a wide range of practical training opportunities, including hands-on clinical experience in both local hospitals and international medical institutions. The university also collaborates with leading healthcare organizations and research centers to provide students with valuable networking opportunities and research experiences.

The faculty at Voronezh State Medical University is composed of highly qualified professors and researchers who are experts in their respective fields. They are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed in their chosen careers in the medical field. The university also offers a supportive learning environment, with small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty members.

In addition to its academic programs, Voronezh State Medical University is actively engaged in research. The university is home to several research centers and laboratories that focus on cutting-edge medical research in fields such as neuroscience, oncology, genetics, and public health. Students at the university have the opportunity to participate in research projects and collaborate with faculty members on groundbreaking research that can have a real-world impact on healthcare practices.

Overall, Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko is a reputable institution that provides students with a world-class education in the medical sciences. With its strong academic programs, research opportunities, and experienced faculty, the university prepares students to become the next generation of healthcare professionals who will make a difference in the lives of their patients and communities.

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Studencheskaya St. 10, 394036 Voronezh, Russian Federation


School Details

School Type
Year Opened
Currently operational
Alternate Name
Voronez State Medical Academy Named for N. N. Burdenko Voronezskaja Gosudarstvennaja Medicinskaja Akademija Derpt University Medical Department (1802 - 1918)
Clinical Facilities
The school has access to clinical teaching facilities.

Course Details

Course Title
Year Teaching Began
6 years
Language of Teaching
Prerequisite Education
Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Entrance Exam
An entrance exam is required
Foreign Students
Foreign students are admitted
Both men and women are admitted