25 of the best discounts for Medical Students

Medical Student Discounts

Exploring Exclusive Perks and Discounts for Medical Students in the UK

We know being a medical student can be tough on the wallet, so we’ve gathered some fantastic discounts and perks just for you. To help with costs, a multitude of organizations and businesses extend exclusive perks and discounts to medical students. These range from educational tools and travel deals to cool lifestyle offers. We’ve looked at 5 different areas of your life and uncovered the best deals out there for Medical Students below.

1. Travel Discounts for medical students

Medical students often need to travel for clinical placements, conferences, or interviews. Time to hit the road for clinical placements or maybe just a little adventure? Grab these travel deals and save big.

  • 16-25 Railcard: Medical students under the age of 25 can save up to one-third on train fares across the UK with a 16-25 Railcard. This is especially beneficial for those who need to travel for clinical rotations or academic engagements. 16-25 Railcard
  • National Express: The National Express offers a Coachcard which gives students a third off standard and fully flexible fares. This can be advantageous for medical students traveling longer distances. National Express Coachcard
  • Uber: Uber offers a student discount for medical students, making commuting within cities more affordable and convenient. Uber Student Discount
  • Megabus: Megabus provides affordable intercity travel options and offers additional discounts for students, easing travel expenses for medical students. Megabus Student Discount
  • Flixbus: Flixbus extends special fares to students, facilitating cost-effective travel between the UK and Europe, ideal for medical students participating in academic events abroad. Flixbus Student Discounts

2. Clothing Discounts for medical students

Medical students, like any other individuals, need to keep looking fresh. Several stores offer student discounts, making your budget go further. Look stylish on a budget while hustling through med school with these awesome clothing discounts.

  • ASOS: ASOS provides a 10% discount to students, including medical students, on their wide range of clothing and accessories. This can be beneficial for maintaining a professional wardrobe during studies. ASOS Student Discount
  • Boots: Boots offers a 10% discount to students, including medical students, on healthcare products and other essential items. This discount can be particularly useful for purchasing medical supplies. Boots Student Discount
  • New Look: New Look offer a 10% discount on stylish apparel to students, including medical students, helping them maintain a contemporary and professional look. New Look Student Discount
  • H&M: H&M provides a 10% student discount, including medical students, on a wide array of clothing and accessories, enabling them to stay fashion-forward on a budget. H&M Student Discount
  • Superdry: Superdry offers a 10% student discount on their distinctive clothing and accessories, allowing medical students to stay trendy without overspending. Superdry Student Discount

3. Fitness and Well-being Discounts for medical students

Maintaining physical and mental well-being is vital for medical students, and discounts on fitness facilities and wellness activities help towards a healthy lifestyle. Take care of your mind and body with these discounted fitness options.

  • PureGym: PureGym offers discounted membership rates for students, allowing medical students to maintain their fitness and overall health without breaking the bank. PureGym Student Membership
  • Headspace: Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app, provides a. 85% discount to students. This can be beneficial for managing stress and promoting mental well-being during medical studies. Headspace Student Discount
  • Myprotein: Myprotein offers a substantial discount on sports nutrition and supplements for students, supporting medical students in maintaining their fitness goals. Myprotein Student Discount
  • Fitness First: Fitness First provides discounted membership rates for students, including medical students, ensuring access to quality fitness facilities at an affordable price. Fitness First Student Membership
  • More Yoga: More Yoga offers a 30% discounted price for students, allowing medical students to practice yoga and mindfulness at a discounted rate, promoting overall well-being. More Yoga Student Discount

4. Medical Journals and Publications perks and discounts

Access to medical journals and publications is key for medical students to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of medicine. Stay updated with the latest medical research and news without emptying your pockets!

  • BMJ Student Membership: The British Medical Journal (BMJ) offers discounted membership for medical students, providing access to their extensive range of journals and educational content. BMJ Student Membership
  • PubMed Central: PubMed Central offers a vast collection of biomedical and life sciences journal articles that are free to access. This is an excellent resource for medical students looking to expand their knowledge. PubMed Central
  • Oxford Medical Journals: Medical students can access select Oxford Medical Journals at 50% discounted rates, ensuring access to high-quality research and clinical insights. Oxford Medical Student Access
  • Springer: Springer offers a special student price for access to a plethora of scientific journals, enabling medical students to explore diverse research topics. Springer Student Perks
  • Taylor & Francis Online: Taylor & Francis Online provides medical students access to a wide array of scholarly articles and journals with a free account. Taylor & Francis Account

5. Educational Software Discounts for medical students

Medical students often need specialist software and educational resources to enhance their learning experience. Fortunately, various companies offer discounts to help them access these essential tools. Snag them at discounted prices!

  • Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft Office 365 is made available to medical students for free, providing access to applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These tools are instrumental for creating reports and presentations essential for medical coursework. Microsoft Office 365 for Students
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe extends a substantial discount on its Creative Cloud suite, encompassing vital tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This software is critical for designing visual aids and presentations for medical studies. Adobe Creative Cloud for Students
  • EndNote: Medical students can avail a significant discount on EndNote, a leading reference management software. It aids in organizing research materials and generating bibliographies efficiently. EndNote Student Discount
  • Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram Alpha offers a reduced-price subscription to medical students, granting access to its powerful computational engine, aiding in data analysis and problem-solving. Wolfram Alpha Student Pricing
  • Statista: Statista, a comprehensive statistics platform, offers special accounts to medical campuses, enabling access to a vast database for academic research and analysis. Statista Campus Subscription

In a nutshell, these exclusive perks and discounts are tailor-made for UK medical students, lightening the financial load while enhancing the overall student experience. Ranging from educational resources to travel and lifestyle discounts, these offerings support medical students in their academic journey, enabling them to focus more on their studies and well-being. Every little helps your journey through the exciting world of medicine!