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Drugs and Doses you need to know for Respiratory Emergencies Guide only: Consult local policies and procedures. Do not rely on any doses from this site.   Patient ID  Mr Andres Aardvark 1/1/32   1 Zoo Street                                        Allergies NKDA Timbuktu Hospital no: 123456                                                                         Respiratory:  ASTHMA   Date Time Drug Dose Route Special Instructions 1/1/09 0800 OXYGEN […]

Clinical Chemistry

Arterial Blood Gas OSCE Station Exam

Arterial blood gases, also known as ABGs, are laboratory tests used to evaluate a patient’s blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, as well as their acid-base balance. These tests provide important information about the function of a patient’s respiratory and circulatory systems and are crucial in diagnosing and managing respiratory disorders such as asthma, emphysema, […]

Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry question bank

Clinical chemistry is a vital aspect of modern medicine that helps healthcare providers diagnose, treat, and monitor a wide range of medical conditions. By analyzing biological specimens such as blood, urine, and other body fluids, clinical chemists are able to determine the presence or absence of specific diseases. The results of these tests play a […]