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We set out with the aim of collecting and publishing our feedback, marks and progress. The site is aimed broadly at medical students, and it would be unrealistic to expect the site to meet with universal approval. We now have >600 registered trial users growing at an exponential rate.

We have tried to do the following:

  • Allow users to see representative content before subscribing
  • Answer responses and queries
  • Move to rectify any problems or concerns

Our feedback to date has been encouraging.

>85% of our subscription and free trial users would recommend us to a friend.

All (yes 100%) of our users have reported no difficulty in site navigation. We need to improve on our video speeds, and we’re in the process of securing web hosting for this above and beyond our current capacity.

We have had comments about the transparency of the site, along with its problems. However we hope that our commitments to quality and customer service continues to single us out as the first choice for medical students trying to pass medical examinations.

We hope to continue to provide quality questions, videos, audio guides,  PDF one minute guides to keep our site at the cutting edge of medical student development.

Are other sites transparent, collating and publishing feedback? You tell us!

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