Mobile phones in hospitals? That will be the MRSA….


The students today should be ever more vigilant about their mobile phones… Although we’ve polled you to find that you want to use them more for revision purposes, it seems that great exam performance isn’t all that they’re bringing.

As the Department of Health in the UK made waves today announcing encouraging news that patients as well as staff should have less restricted mobile phone access, other researchers were pointing to the fact that (surprise, suprise) if you swab a mobile, you grow bacteria on it. Next they’ll be swabbing the patients…

Quoting their website today they said:

“Hospitals in England should consider allowing more liberal use of mobile phones, following new guidance issued today.

The updated guidance indicates that NHS trusts should consider giving patients, staff and visitors the widest possible use of mobile phones, where it doesn’t interfere with equipment, the privacy of others or cause a nuisance.

The new guidance stipulates that mobile phone use should continue to be restricted in areas where critical care equipment susceptible to electro magnetic interference is used. Areas where phones should not be used should be clearly indicated so that patients and staff are fully aware.”

I’m not sure what the control should have been for that experiment. A bleep or pager? Maybe a pen and paper? As far as we’re concerned its righ up there with the Staying Alive CPR research done in the USA.

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