Some useful guidelines…


Here’s a selection of what we’ve published in our links page to different sets of guidelines:

These are particularly helpful for referencing evidence based medicine.

AAN: American Academy of Neurology guidelines

AACE: American association of Clinical Endocrinologists with guidelines here

BAD: British association of dermatologists with guidelines here

BOA: British Association of Orthopaedics with guidelines here

British Society of Immunology

BSR: British Society of Rheumatology, clinical guidelines here

British Toxicological Society

BTS: British Thoracic Society, clinical guidelines here

EAU: European Association of Urology guidelines here

ESC European Society of Cardiology: nice source for cardiovascular guidelines list here

Fitness to Drive: British Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) downloadable PDF ‘at a glance’ guide on fitness to drive

RCOG Royal College of obstetrics and gynaecology guidelines here

The Renal Association. source for chronic kidney disease and eGFR guidelines here

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