The 10 Golden Rules for Questions at Interview:For Medical Students

When applying for places at medical schools follow our 10 golden rules…

1.) Read an article form nature related to health prior to going to your interview.

2.)Have an aspect of your study/ SSM that you can specifically talk about in terms of interests

3.) Have a location specific reason why you want to that specific job

4.) Be able to list your strengths

5.) Have an answer to “what are your weaknesses”.

6.) Demonstrate areas outside of medicine where you can relax.

7.) Approach the topic of future speciality with sensible pro’s and cons about why you would like to work in that specific area

8.) Read about clinical governance (the 7 rules: google it or Clinical Governance).

9.) Read about the restructuring of medical careers (MMC, modernising medical careers/ MTAS) — google it or search

10.) Thank the interviewers at the end for their time.

Preparation is key but some focus on areas to prepare for will really help!

See our PDF on applying for FY1 jobs, written by an F1 who successfully navigated through the process on the main site.

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