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In a direct response to a query from one of our members we thought we’d put a poll up about the classic ‘Honey and Mumford’ styles of learning: theorists, activists, reflectors and pragmatists. If you have no idea then that’s fair enough…

What they emphasised was the different styles of learning: there are a number of questionnaires you can do to see what sort of learner you are…

Imagine talking about a new finger-prick blood glucose monitor (BM monitor)

Theorists: these people are grounded primarily in theory, and learn best when dealing with specific and structured learning tasks which have defined quantifiable meanings. e.g. how does the blood glucose machine work?

Pragmatists: these people who like to experiment with things in a real situation:They would rather see the blood glucose machine in action for themselves rather discuss the validity of its results

Reflectors: they like to look at a situation from a number of different experiences and perspectives to generate opinions. They might watch other people using the blood glucose machine and draw heir own conclusions.

Activists are people who enjoy doing things and carrying them out, and then reviewing the consequences of their own actions. They are likely to say “Give me the blood glucose machine to try…”

Honey, P., Mumford, A. (1982): ‘Manual of Learning Styles’.

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